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Speak Freely is an Independent Speech & Language Therapy Service based in

Watford, Herts.

Speak Freely provides a friendly, professional service, and recognises the unique needs of each individual in order to enhance communication skills.

Speech and Language Difficulties are now so common that as many as 2-3 children in every classroom struggle to communicate (information from ICAN)​. It is therefore more important than ever to address these difficulties early on and help children since communication is vital for all areas of learning and social interaction.

Assessment, advice and therapy can be provided for children and adults presenting with a wide range of communication difficulties, including the following:

At Speak Freely we seek to develop every individual's communication skills to enhance confidence, independence and enable him/her to reach their full potential.

  • speech sound difficulties/unclear talking
  • dyspraxia/apraxia
  • delayed language development
  • language disorder
  • stammering/dysfluency
  • voice problems (e.g. vocal nodules)
  • problems understanding language/receptive language difficulties
  • selective mutism
  • listening and attention difficulties (ADD/ADHD)
  • social communication difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Therapy with children aims to be fun to motivate and interest the child. As one child commented: "I didn't know speech therapy would be this much fun! I love playing all the games and I'm learning to say my tricky sounds at the same time!  I can't wait til next week!"

To make an enquiry please contact:

Helen Wolstenholme BSc Hons


Independent Speech and Language Therapist


All images are the property of Speak Freely and may not be reproduced without permission

Speak Freely will travel to your home or child's school/nursery providing a reassuring, comfortable environment which can be especially beneficial for children. Working in your child's educational establishment also enables effective collaboration with teaching staff and ensures your child does not miss too much time out of lessons travelling to and from appointments.Alternatively you can be seen at the therapist's home in Watford, Herts.


Visits are available within Hertfordshire

(primarily in the South of the county: including Watford, Bushey, Oxhey, Chorleywood, Borehamwood, Aldenham, Radlett, St. Albans, Hatfield, Rickmansworth, Croxley Green), North London (Mill Hill, Stanmore, Harrow, Hatch End, Pinner, Northwood) and surrounding areas.

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